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vision, eye health, retina, focus, eye strain, night vision, eye stress, dry eye
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Vision +


Vision+ is specially formulated with clinically proven ingredients to rebuild and maximize macular pigment over a lifetime, resulting in enhanced visual performance and aid in the treatment and prevention of age-related macular degeneration.

Healthy Vision

Rebuild and maximize macular pigment 

Eye Strain

Promotes dry eye relief and eases eye fatigue

Eye pressure

Support healthy intraocular pressure

retina health

Support ocular, retinal & macular health

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Clinically Proven

While traditional vision supplements only carry a combination of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, our Triple-Carotenoid formula contains the third, critical carotenoid, Astaxanthin, which is clinically proven to provide far superior results in comparison to supplementing with Lutein and Zeaxanthin alone.

Stop Screen Time

Eye Stress

Digital eye strain impacts as many as 90% of people who spend a significant amount of their day looking at digital devices. Vision+ is designed to support healthy eyes and provide relief from blue light and the eye stress associated with using computer and mobile devices

vision, eye health, retina, focus, eye strain, night vision, screen time, eye stress, dry eye

8 Powerful Ingredients for

Ultimate Eye Health

Our team of scientists extensively researched and combined 8 powerful ingredients including zeaxanthin, lutein, bilberry and astaxanthin to protect and strengthen vision and cognitive functions.

Macular Degeneration

Vision+ contains the most researched nutrients – bilberry, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, beta carotene and lutein. These ingredients have been clinically tested to support ocular, retinal & macular health, reduce the risk of macular degeneration, combat aging and daily stress on eyes. 

Dry Eye & Eye Strain

Vision+ includes astaxanthin and retinyl palmitate which. helps the eye produce more tear with better quality, promotes dry eye relief and eases eye tiredness and fatigue. We also include 60mg of lutein to provide superior blue light protection for computer users and gamers. 

Eye Pressure & Night Vision

This complete eye health formula contains Vitamin C and billberry extract to support healthy intraocular pressure. It also includes lutein and zeaxanthin to support the ability to see fine detail. Lutein, zeaxanthin and beta carotene support night vision and recovery from glare when driving at night. 

Gentle on Digestive System

Unlike other vision supplements, Vision+ is gentle on your digestive system with the added benefit of Bioperine to improve absorption.

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What Makes Vision+ Different?

What makes Vision+ different is that most vision products only emphasize a part of the eye, usually the macula. Vision+ is formulated to support the entire visual system, containing all three macular carotenoids (astaxanthin, zeaxanthin and Lutein) as well as ingredients for eye strain, eye pressure, night vision and dry eye.

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Scientific Formula

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Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid commonly found in nature. Many scientific studies show that zeaxanthin is essential for supporting the normal function of the eye, especially in the presence of age-related conditions. Zeaxanthin is an essential component of the macula, where it helps to filter out blue light from the sun.Humans can't biosynthesize zeaxanthin, so they must obtain it through dietary sources and supplements. The macula often degenerates with age in a process known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Zeaxanthin supplements help to support the macula, especially in the elderly.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Vision+ safe to take?

Vison + is best used by persons aged between 16 and 90 years of age.


How do I take Vision+ ?

Vision + comes in easy-to-swallow capsules. Simply take one capsule daily with adequate water.


How long will it take to feel the effects?

Users will feel the impact of Vision + within 7 days.


Can Vision+ be taken with other medication?

Yes, Vision + can be taken with other medications, however as a precaution, please take any complementary medicine at least 2 hours away from pharmaceutical medications.

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